Mira X-Plan Self-Levelling Compound: For levelling of substrate also wooden-based substrate and for preparation of slopes. Thickness 2 - 50 mm.

Coverage: 7 mm variance on floor - 2 sq m, Over 3 mm heating cables - 3.5 sq / m per bag

for wooden-based substrates
for heated floors
for manual or mechanical application
for indoor use
can be walked on after 3-5 hrs
next works after 6-12 hrs

Mira x-plan is applicable for preparing of even and smooth under-floor layer; it can be applied on concrete substrate, old tile floor, wooden-based substrates, painted surfaces, in apartments, offices, hospitals, schools, supermarkets, stores, etc. Also used for covering of floor heating cables, preparation of sloped floors. Its advantages are versatility and applicability for quick works. Hardened surface can be covered with any type of facing or lining e.g. ceramic tiles, carpet or vinyl lining, parquet, cork etc. Floor with light traffic can be painted, as the final treatment.

Substrate preparation
The substrate must be stable, dry, compact, cleaned of dust, grease, oil etc. Concrete slurry (if any) should be removed, weaker parts of substrate should be removed and then repaired again. Substrate defects shall be repaired with 6950 express. Grease, oil, dirt should be removed with 7110 base cleaner. The entire surface should be clean of dust. A concrete substrate should be primed with Mira 4180 primer thinned with water.

Thinning Ratio:
1 part of Mira 4180 primer  and 1-3 parts of water, depending on absorptivity of the substrate. Non-absorptive substrate should be primed with non-diluted Mira 4180 primer  and then powdered with Mira x-plan, which must be rubbed into freshly spread Mira 4180 primer  Wooden-based substrate should be primed with non-dilutedMira 4180 primer  Drying time 1-2 hours. Do not leave any puddle. The primer improves adherence, prevents air bubbles and de-watering of mortar. If more than one layer is laid, each layer must be primed.

Technical conditions:
a. Mixing Mira x-plan should be mixed in proportion: approx. 4,5 l of water for 25 kg of dry x-plan. Mix for approx. 2 minutes with a slow-rotating mixer or in a pump mixer, then the mortar is ready to use. Mortar for slopes should be mixed in proportion 4 l of water for 25 kg of dry Mira x-plan